About The Blogger

Hi, my name is Evan and welcome to ‘The Blogger on the Inside’, a place where I can ramble about my passion for Doctor Who. My primary goal for the blog is to post articles, thought-pieces and reviews on any Doctor Who releases that take my interest. This could range from the TV series, the Big Finish audio dramas, or any books, novels, or short story collections relating to the show. I don’t have a commitment to regular articles because life is busy and writing is hard. But there is something wonderful about expressing your love or interest for something, isn’t there?

Some ‘cool’ Doctor Who facts about me:

  • My first episode of Doctor Who was Dalek by Robert Shearman. Still one of my personal faves – I have not looked back since.
  • My favourite classic series story is probably City of Death, my favourite new series story is probably Heaven Sent, and my favourite Big Finish audio is… well it’s either The Holy Terror by Robert Shearman, A Death in the Family by Steven Hall, or A Full Life by Joseph Lidster.
  • I once rang a peal on some church bells for almost three hours on the morning of the anniversary date to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who. We rang a ‘splice’ of twelve different methods, one for each ‘incarnation’ at that point (1-11 and War). Feel free to debate this statement.

I may also include pieces here regarding my other interests, such as video games and mathematics, as well as my other pieces of writing for my university’s student newspaper, Exeposé. Perhaps I’ll even try to combine them and provide the definitive guide to mathematics in Doctor Who or video games in Doctor Who (although the excellent Josh Snares got to it first).

Some things I am currently thinking about writing in 2019 are:

  • An overview of the roles of mathematics within Doctor Who. I also want to look at specific mathematical episodes such as Logopolis, Castrovalva, Flatline, Extremis and the Big Finish audio drama Iterations of I.
  • Reviews of the Black Archive series from Obverse Books. I am slightly in awe of the dedication of this series to examining every Doctor Who story through subjects, themes, imagery and production history.
  • I would like to find and play or revisit some Doctor Who video games which include: Doctor Who Top Trumps, Doctor Who Return to Earth, Doctor Who Evacuation Earth, Doctor Who The Eternity Clock (I really want to find a copy of this!) and Destiny of the Doctors.
  • Any sudden thoughts/opinions on the Jodie Whittaker era, assuming they have made a series 12 and show us a trailer or something.

Want to suggest an article idea, leave some feedback or just ask my thoughts on anything Who-related? Leave a comment here on the site!


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